The jet charter industry has been steadily rising for the past few years. But with 22,000 jet charter companies vying for the same target audience, how do you set yourself apart?

Jet Charter Merchants - Merchant Account ManagersJet charter activity grew 4.5% from 2017 to 2018 as reported by Aviation International News. Thanks to technology, jet charter companies are able to optimize the use of their fleets. With online membership programs and jet card subscriptions, they are able to fill up their flights and attract repeat customers. With industry growth comes new competitors attracted to its thriving business. With 22,000 jet charter companies today vying for the same online consumers, how do you set yourself apart?

While most companies compete over who gives the best amenities with the lowest price, what most may overlook is that customer convenience and peace of mind are two crucial buyer motivations. Not only should both be present from the time they enter the cabin but also pre- and post-flight.

One way that merchant accounts help you exceed the competition and even customer expectations are by creating a smooth, hassle-free, and secure payment experience. Knowing that you understand the needs of your customers in every part of the service cycle helps them connect and be loyal to your business in the long-term.

Edging out your competition with a smooth and secure customer experience

Jet Charter Merchants - Merchant Account ManagersOur merchant accounts offer you 5 ways to exceed your competition by offering the best and most secure payment experience.

Flexible and convenient payment system

Customers nowadays use different ways to pay for services. The most popular payment method for 2019 is e-wallets (36%), followed by credit cards (23%) than debit cards (12%). To expand your customer base, you need to provide these popular options while retaining other payment methods like direct bank transfer and cash for the more traditional customers. Unfortunately, because of the industry’s high chargeback ratios, merchant account providers tag your business as high risk (fear not, we will show you how we can get your merchant account approved a little later). As a result, most jet charter companies rely on payment processors with limited payment options. With our merchant accounts, you can now provide flexible payment options to different types of customers, from e-wallets, e-checks, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and many other alternative payment methods. You can even transact globally with our local and international payment partners.
Increase your chances of closing that sale and their likelihood of coming back with our wide selection of payment methods.

Seamless website integration

Isn’t it annoying when a website directs you to another window upon check out? One, the process gets long and confusing and two, you’re not entirely sure if your data is still secure with this new pop-up. 11% of customers abandon their shopping carts because of a complicated payment process. To avoid losing your customers because of this, we ensure a seamless, hassle-free checkout experience by integrating your payment system to your website. For customers on the go, this smooth and time-saving checkout experience makes them do a happy quickstep.

A secure and stable payment processor

A survey by eConsultancy found that 58% of respondents left their check- out page because of payment security concerns. Those customers could have filled up your flight!
Assuring your customers that their personal data and cardholder information are secure makes them trust your business more. With Merchant Account Managers, you are assured a trusted merchant account provider with the highest standards of the Payment Card Industry – Security Standards Council (PCI-SSC). You can now give your customers security and peace of mind whenever they transact with you.

Flexible volume cap and fees

Whether you are a start-up business or you’re preparing for an aggressive growth strategy, our account managers help you create a flexible fee plan and volume cap that suits your business needs. This way, you don’t have to think about expensive fees and limited volume caps and focus on what matters most – improving operations and growing your business.

A reliable merchant account manager

Your merchant account manager is one call, text, or email away should you have questions about your account, helping you to address matters as soon as possible. You also get to enjoy the perks of having an accessible financial expert that offers advice on emerging trends for your business model. This will help you anticipate trends and changes in the business landscape that your competitors won’t be able to.

Our merchant accounts provide you all these benefits and more to help you stay on top of your game.

Getting a merchant account that’s right for your business

If you believe these benefits are valuable to your business, we can help you get your merchant account set up as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, jet charters may be tagged as high risk, but if documents are in place, there is no reason for your account not to get approved. That is where Merchant Account Managers step in. We help you secure everything you need to get your merchant account approved and create a fee plan that suits your business needs.

Our 15 years of experience with high-risk merchants will be invaluable when we give you advice on how to create your successful application. We know what banks look for and what questions need to be answered. Even after it gets approved, we will help you manage risks so your account stays healthy. Should chargeback happen, as it is inevitable in an e-commerce business, we will facilitate the process and help you win them. We can also handle all the important details and account statements so that you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

We are all about maintaining a good relationship with your merchant account provider, giving you the opportunity to get the best rates and terms possible. Let us help you get the best payment service with our merchant account today!

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