The key feature of merchant accounts: Sustainability

High Risk Merchants - Merchant Account ManagersApplying for a merchant account is a bit harder for high-risk merchants than for non-high risk ones. That’s why some high-risk merchants resort to payment service providers that have limited account features and payment options – i.e. credit/debit cards only. These service providers may be effective in the short term but proper merchant accounts are still the best option for longterm growth. With the merchant accounts we provide, you can manage aspects that may undermine long-term growth such as chargebacks and inflexible account fees. Here we break down the ways our merchant accounts keep your business sustainable.

1. You get a sustainable payment processor. The problem with many online payment processors is that they cancel your accounts without notice or recourse. Any account that causes them to undermine their relationship with a financial company would prompt them to immediately close it. With our merchant accounts, you don’t have to worry about waking up one day with your funds frozen. Our merchant account providers have good relations with bank partners and credit card companies so they can easily facilitate transaction issues with them.

2. You get a chargeback advocate. Customers demanding refunds are inevitable in any business, whether big or small. Your customer might have forgotten their purchase once the credit card billing comes or the customer just did not get what he/she expected. Whatever reason they may have, your merchant account manager will help you deal with these claims and win them for you. This helps you maximize your sales revenue to make your business more sustainable.

3. You get a flexible payment plan that you can renegotiate at a later time. It may be hard to secure a high-risk merchant account at first but once they see the sustainability of your business, they can give you much better terms and rates. This is also ideal for companies who are looking to scale their business up in a few years. Some processors lock you into a fixed plan. One common pitfall is that fees tend to get too expensive when sales increase substantially. With our merchant accounts, you get a fee plan that suits your business

High Risk Merchants - Merchant Account Managers4. You get an integrated payment solution. Unlike other payment processors, we offer a variety of payment options to suit your customers’ needs. You can pay using popular payment methods today like credit/debit cards, digital wallets, e-checks, or more traditional ones such as cash or check. Giving customers payment options convenient for them makes them loyal customers to your business. Our merchants also experience an omnichannel payment solution by having online, face-to-face, and mobile payment services with just one merchant account. Customer and merchant convenience at its finest!

5. You can manage your transactions. You have full control of transactions coming in and out of your merchant account. With this, you can manage concerning transactions such as disputes and fraudulent ones with your account manager. By accessing your merchant account, you can prevent these transactions from happening again. Our merchants indeed benefit in the long run by using our services. You get an account that will stay with you even through rough tides, that will be flexible with your fees, and that will advocate for you.

Getting approved for a merchant account

High Risk Merchants - Merchant Account ManagersThat is where Merchant Account Managers come in. We will be with you from securing everything you need to help you create a fee plan that suits your needs. Our 15 years of experience with high-risk merchants will be invaluable when we give you advice on how to create that successful application. We know what banks look for and what questions need to be answered. Even after it gets approved, we will help you manage risks so that your account stays healthy. We will also give you sound business advice on emerging trends for your business model and regularly review your financial health.

We are all about creating and maintaining a good relationship with your merchant account provider, giving you the opportunity to get the best rates and terms possible. Let us help you get your account today and secure your business like never before.

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