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Why Deposyt?

We're here to help you grow!

Get the funding you need to take your business to the next level! We will be here to help you grow along the way!

Applying will not effect your credit score.

Get up to $350,000

Same day funding

Keep funds for up to 18 months

Flexible repayments

Apply in minutes

Clear and transparent process

Applying will not effect your credit score.

How It Works

1.Complete our 5-minute online application

We don’t waste your time with lengthy applications and long waits for approval. Our online application process is quick and painless and approval is instant.

2.Our technology selects the best plan for your business

Deposyt’s proprietary algorithm looks at your recent business performance and cash flow to provide you with quick and customized funding options that fit your business needs.

3.Receive the funds directly in your account within 24 hours

With DeposytTM, funds are transferred into your bank account the same day you apply. You can start using your funds immediately - without any holdups!

Do I Qualify?

Time in business

12 Months+

Gross monthly revenue


Personal Credit

600+ FICO

If you meet these qualifications, you will most likely be eligible for funding!

Get qualified in minutes.


Will my credit be impacted by applying?

Applying will not affect your credit score.

How quickly can I get my funding?

Funds are typically deposited into your account within 24 hours.

What information do I need to apply?

All you need to apply is basic information about you, your business and your bank account details.

What is the repayment period?

You can keep the funds for up to 18 months. However, the terms you receive depend on your eligibility.

What are the minimum requirements?

Your business must be over 12 months old and average a minimum of $10,000 in gross monthly revenue over the last three months. You’ll also need a personal FICO credit score that’s above 600.

Do I need collateral?

You are not required to provide any collateral. We simply consider your business’s overall performance and cash flow.

How is my rate determined?

Each application is considered based on your bank transactions, cash flow, and partially on your credit. Your actual rate is calculated using our proprietary algorithm, which takes into consideration several factors.

How do I make repayments?

Payments are withdrawn from your business checking account daily via ACH. You can choose to repay at your own pace with a percentage of your daily sales or make fixed daily payments.

Get business funding and real time financing.

We have a 99% merchant approval rate!