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When Compliant Merchant Account Solutions Begin Boarding CBD Merchants Again, Will You Be Ready?

Here’s Why You Need a CBD Merchant Compliance Audit

High risk merchant processing has always been a specialty that very few merchant account agents were great at navigating. CBD merchant account processing has taken this to a new level. Thousands of merchants launched their CBD product line when only one bank was legally boarding the industry. Then Elavon opened their magical doors and merchants flooded the bank with applications that were inaccurate, miscoded, mispresented and submitted by agents that didn’t care about the longevity of their merchants. They simply wanted the short term commission. Top that will the FDA and FTC weighing in and Elavon decided to pull out of the industry leaving tens of thousands of CBD merchants without processing.

Here Come The Bottom Feeders With Alternative Payment Solutions

When companies have a hard time establishing merchant account solutions, the shady characters in the industry always surface. From E-wallets to blockchain to prepaid cards, all of these companies promising to give CBD stable credit card processing are not disclosing the dirty and dangerous secrets of their operations including money laundering, TMF, Fines and a complete loss of a merchant’s business.

What’s The Solution?

Banks and merchant account providers WANT to be involved in the CBD industry.  It’s profitable, it’s growing, and it’s really not high risk —WHEN COMPLIANCE IS IN PLACE.  We are experts in high risk. We know what the banks want to see. We know that many banks are looking to engage with the VERY BEST CBD merchants sooner than later. Then these banks open their doors, they will never go down the road that Elavon did and let the flood gates open wide up to every CBD company. They will be very selective and will only work with merchants who have perfect files. That’s where we come in. We do full CBD Merchant Compliance audits that are created based on banks future requirements. That includes drafting “Your Story”.  Why are you capable of running a successful CBD company. This summary is as important as a resume for a job. It will determine your chance of approval, rates, reserves and more. We will check for FDA and FTC compliance, review testing documents, packaging, and customer support protocols. We will do everything to ensure that your chances of getting a new merchant account are better than the thousands of your competitors. If you have an existing merchant account, we will review your current pricing and terms to help reduce and improve them. We will become your merchant account advocate and be your liaison with the bank. And if you have an agent, we will keep them honest. Our job is to protect you. Lastly, if you need a merchant account or need more volume, we do that too. We have built a network of direct banking relationships over the course of our 20 years in high risk merchant services.

We service 99% of all global businesses.

If you are looking for merchant account solutions , we are able to connect you with our preferred merchant account provider. Our relationship is direct with no middle man which means you get VIP access to the bank. As an additional benefit of using our merchant account solution, you will get FREE merchant account management for six months. We act as your advocate to ensure you get the best pricing and terms and remain as an ongoing resource to help you both launch and grow your business without fear of being terminated.

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